nite art events

nite art events Fiechter Unternehmen, founded in 1996, hereinafter referred to as “nite”.

nite is the operator of this platform for art editions of high quality.

nite has organized numerous exhibitions, including live broadcasts on the Internet. Even big events, for example the open air “Zoom” party after the Streetparade in Zurich, were broadcast live on the Internet. The whole event area was equipped with cameras and buttons enabling the visitors to switch directly to the Internet; nite also organized the cultural program with various artists.

nite has furthermore organized exhibitions and events with the following artists:
Malaika Belfor, Claudia Ginocchio, Anja Kleidt, Dani Misio, Yousif Salih, Christoph Schneeberger and Paul Takàcs.


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The start

nite will try to motivate as many publishers as possible to offer their editions on The offer as well as the presentation of editions is free for the publishers.

In a first step all editions are sold and delivered by nite. The publishers of editions have the possibility to offer these editions on, but the sale of an edition is completely handled by nite.

Meaning: if someone wants to purchase an edition, nite will buy this edition from the publisher and then deliver it to the customer. This way, the publisher has no risk at any time. The only condition for publishers is the availability of the edition or else notification if it is no longer available.

nite will receive a commission for each edition sold. The amount of the commission is agreed upon by the publisher and nite before publishing the offer on

Of course nite will also offer editions, that are already in its possession or which nite has published itself.

Development targets

In order to operate the platform worldwide, without restrictions, the publishers must be able to administrate their editions and the sales themselves. In this case invoicing, payment, packaging, delivery, etc. are handled directly by the respective publisher.

The publisher is then responsible for the entire sales process. nite will only provide the appropriate platform ( for these publishers.

But, if desired, publishers can still sell their editions via nite as before. nite will also continue to sell its own editions as well as those that are in its possession.

This expansion of the platform will be very complex and thus requires corresponding investments. This is only possible if the start as described before is successful.

The ultimate goal is to provide a platform for publishers of editions, that can be administrated either by the publishers themselves or by nite.

nite will in any case check in the first place whether the publisher is trustworthy. The acceptance of a publisher is the sole responsibility and decision of nite art events Fiechter Unternehmen.