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nite art events Fiechter Unternehmen, founded and registered (CHE-108.592.378) in 1997, hereinafter referred to as “nite”.

nite is the operator of this platform for prints of art editions in high quality like lithographs, serigraphs, etchings, silkscreens, special editions of catalogs, artists‘ books etc.

nite has organized numerous exhibitions, including live broadcasts on the Internet. Even big events, for example the open air “Zoom” party after the Streetparade in Zurich, were broadcast live on the Internet; nite also organized the cultural program with various artists.

nite has furthermore organized exhibitions and events with the following artists:
Malaika Belfor, Claudia Ginocchio, Anja Kleidt, Dani Misio, Yousif Salih, Christoph Schneeberger and Paul Takàcs.



All prints are sold and delivered by nite art events.

All prints of editions showing in this website are the property of nite art events. All legal issues therefore concern only nite art events.

In Switzerland the prints are delivered with invoice. The payment period is 10 days.

Shipping abroad is only against prepayment (IBAN or PayPal). Attention: When paying via PayPal, there is always a 5% surcharge.

Costs for packaging, transport and insurance are not included in the purchase price of the prints.

Depending on the price (over CHF 1000), the transport insurance can be very expensive. In these cases, the customer can take out his own insurance or choose a transport company of his choice.

In any case, the conditions are binding, which are set with the buyer by mail.

For publishers

Publishers of editions can be galleries, publishers or artists. The acceptance of a publisher is the sole responsibility and decision of nite.

They can offer their editions through the platform, provided that all information and images are available. The existing editions can be used as reference (necessary information, images).

When an edition is sold through, it is always the property of nite. Therefore, all legal issues related to the sale concern only nite art events.



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